The M department of the Bi Em Double V family has again produced a tight vehicle. With the new chassis BMW M2, the characteristic identity of the M family will be emphasized once again. The second generation BMW M2 was produced with both rear-wheel drive and manual transmission. Let's get to know the new M2 model with the code G87, which produces 460 ps 550 nm torque. The history of the BMW M2 dates back to the 70s. The BMW 2002 turbo from 1973 is considered the ancestor of this vehicle. In the 2000s, the 1 series M Coupe kind of represented this vehicle in 2007. However, the naming of the M2 model took place with the production of the BMW M2 with the code F87 in 2015. The first generation M2, which produces 365 hp and 465 nm of torque, has now left its place to the much more powerful second generation M2 model. Let's start with the dimensional data about the technical data of the new body BMW M2 2023. This vehicle has a length of 4580 mm, a wheelbase of 2747 mm, a